2,5 way Floor standing Loudspeaker


2,5 way Floor standing Loudspeaker

The BØRRESEN 03 has an almost unbelievable scale and incredible dynamic contrasts. It gives you a truly breathing realism of artists throwing you a private concert right in your listening room.


 Frequency response  40Hz-50KHz
 Sensitivity  88 dB/1W
 Impedance  >4 ohms
 Recommended Amplifier  >50W

03 – speaker
H: 124,1 x W: 30,5 x D: 58,0 cm
H: 48.9 x W: 12.0 x D: 22.8 inches
Weight: 38,0 kg / 83.78 lbs


BØRRESEN Cryo Edition:

The Cryogenic treatment of the speakers’ metal components results in a significant improvement of conductivity – unleashing finest and most subtle musical details.

The metal components of the loudspeakers are subjected to a Cryogenic processing. The Cryogenic processing cycle requires a 3-day-time window. Within the first 24 hours, the metal is subjected to a cooling process from room temperature to Cryogenic temperatures. For the second 24 hours, the metal components are then held at temperatures around -196°C (-321°F) before the temperature, within the next 24 hours, returns gradually to room temperature. The gradual cooling down and heating up period is critical to avoid any thermal stress.

The process will strengthen and enhance the grain structure of the metal components and reduce inherent residual stress that is created when metal solidifies from its liquid phase into a solid phase.

The result is literally opening up a new dimension of musical performance. A sound that is crystal clear, truly natural and utmost refined.

BØRRESEN Silver Supreme:

The BØRRESEN Silver Supreme loudspeakers represent the absolute flagship version among the BØRRESEN loudspeakers

The patented BØRRESEN magnet motor has been further refined. Since silver has turned out to have the highest specific electrical conductivity of all metals we replaced the copper pole rings by in-house manufactured, hand-crafted silver rings. As a result, induction could be reduced to a stunning, so far unprecedentedly low level.

Additionally, all metal components of this premium loudspeaker series are subjected to a Cryogenic treatment to exploit the full potential of all their performance enhancing audio properties for the new BØRRESEN 0-series Silver Supreme.